Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus), a species of crocus in the Iridaceae which are dried and used in cooking as a seasoning and a coloring agent. Saffron, which is native to south west Asia has long been famed as the world’s most expensive spice since it is obtained from the stigmas of the Saffron flower in such a way that 1000 saffron flowers yields about 10 grams saffron. Saffron’s bitter taste and hay like fragrance result from the chemicals picrocrocin and safranal

As a plant, saffron has been known for many centuries and is valued for its numerous and varied applications. A carotenoid dye, crocin, allows saffron to impart a rich golden yellow hue to dishes and textiles and is often used as an aromatic seasoning and natural coloring agent in foods, confectionary, chocolates, beverages, etc. Saffron is also popular for its medicinal applications

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JazicoWorld with the Brand Name of ASYAFRAN exports Saffron from Iran to Turkey and worldwide. Our partners, located in the best Saffron-producing region of Iran, cultivate, harvest and process Saffron themselves and its quality is incomparable


Saffron Contains Several Chemical Compounds Which Cause its Strength to Vary Between 190-250 this Number Refers to the Amount of CROCIN Saffron Principal Chemical Compound Present in a laboratory reading


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